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We use the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to you on time. From your order, you can see your item description, price and shipping time.

Shipping Time

Shipping time is an estimate of when the item will leave our store. After you place your order, we reserve, pick, pack and ship your items within 24 working hours. While we work hard to ship every order as quickly as possible, personalized, custom-configured, and more popular items may have longer shipping times.

Occasionally, we confirm ship and delivery times, then learn we are unable to fulfill the order due to low product availability. In these rare cases, we will notify by email of the new ship and delivery times.

Tracking Your Order

After an order has shipped, packages can be tracked on the carrier’s website. You can find tracking information in your order details.

At any time, tracking packages is available for the following destinations: European Union (excluding Bulgaria), Norway, Switzerland, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, Togo, Brazil, Canada, United States, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia. For other destinations, tracking is only available to the exit point of mainland France.

Shipping Methods

Once the item leaves our store, the Shipping Method you choose on the Checkout page determines how quickly your shipped item delivers to your doorstep. For now, the only Shipping Method available is Standard Shipping. New Shipping Methods might be available in the future.

Delivery Speed

Delivery speed depends on the destination country of the order. The delivery speed estimates for Standard Shipping are as follows:

48 hours to mainland France and Monaco.
4 days to Andorra.
5 to 7 days to Guadeloupe (including St Barthélémy and St Martin), Martinique, Reunion, Guyana, Mayotte and Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
7 to 10 days to New Caledonia and Dependencies, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, French Southern and Antarctic.
3 to 6 days to Europe (excluding France, Monaco and Andorra).
5 to 10 days to the rest of the world.

Estimated time above is in working days. These estimations are subject to compliance with package dropping time.

International orders may be subject to customs clearance procedures that can cause delays in delivery.

“Ship To” Countries

Some countries prohibit the import of jewelry and precious metals, therefore, we made available for you a list of countries where Amy Gattas can ship to.

Shipping Cost

Amy Gattas offers FREE shipping to Europe. For the rest of the world, the shipping cost is fixed at 10 euros per order.

International orders may be subject to additional customs fees depending on the destination country of the order. When ordering from Amy Gattas, you’re responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. You should be aware that customs fees are paid by you, not by Amy Gattas.

About Missing Packages That Show as Delivered

Tracking information will sometimes show that your package has been delivered, but you haven’t yet received it.

If you don’t receive the package within the next few business days:

See if someone else accepted delivery.
Look around the delivery location.
Look for a notice of attempted delivery.
Contact the carrier.

If you’re missing an item from your order, go to Your Account to verify that the missing item was in the shipment and hasn’t been placed into another shipment.



You can return many items sold on Upon receiving, you should verify and inspect your items in order to make sure they match your expectations. If you are not satisfied with your items and you want to return them, you should contact us and explain in details why you are not happy with the items.

The reasons to return* an item are:

Upon receiving, the item was damaged, broken or has a manufacturing defect.
You are not happy with the manufacturing quality.
The order or the item in the order was the result of our error.

(*) The return shipping cost will be paid by Amy Gattas if one or more of the reasons stated is met.

In order to return an item, it must be returned complete and unused, with all accessories and documentation present, in their original wrapping and with its tag on. If any of these conditions is not met, you will not be refunded.


If you wish to replace an item** that you have ordered and paid for, you should chose an alternative item that has similar or higher price than the item you have ordered. In this case, the return shipping cost will be covered by you, not by Amy Gattas.

Please contact us before you place a new order to replace your item.

(**) The items that were discounted or purchased with promotion codes are not eligible for replacement.


Search and Advanced Search

If you’re looking for a specific item, enter a few words into the search box on the home page and we’ll show you all the matching results. To better your results, try using our Advanced Search service to restrict your search.

If you want to browse a category, click on the category of your choice at the top/top left of our home page.

The only information we have about a particular item is what we display on the product detail page for that item. We try to give you all the information you need about our product on this product page.

Shopping Cart

Items added to your Shopping Cart on will be available from any compatible web browser that has been signed in to your account. If your Shopping Cart is empty or items are missing from it, it is likely that you are not logged into your account.

Placing an available item in your shopping cart does not reserve that item. Available inventory is only assigned to your order after you click Place Order and receive an email confirmation that we’ve received your order.

You can modify an item in your Shopping Cart on

To change the quantity, enter a number in the Quantity box and click Update.
To remove an item from your Shopping Cart, click on the Bin icon.
To wait until another day to add some of the items in your Shopping Cart, click Add to Wishlist. This will move the item to your Wishlist located in your account menu. Click Add to cart next to an item when you are ready to purchase it.

Items in your Shopping Cart will always reflect the most recent price displayed on the item’s product detail page. Please note that this price may differ from the price the item held when you first placed it in your cart.


Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal

If you want to pay using a credit/debit card, the following cards can be used:

American Express
Diner’s Club

Select MasterCard if paying with a EuroCard or MasterMoney Card.

If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to pay for your order.

Credit/debit cards are not saved anywhere on Payments on our website are secured as you can notice the security lock next to the URL in your browser on the Checkout page.


Except where noted otherwise, the List Price displayed for items on our website represents the full retail price listed on the item itself.

Promotional Codes

Promotional codes can be redeemed only at the time you place an order.

There are many types of promotional codes. They can be applied as:

Percentage discount of a product price.
Fixed amount discount of a product price.
Fixed amount discount of the whole Shopping Cart.
Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y).

To redeem a promotional code:

Go to your Shopping Cart.
Enter the promotional code on the order form.
Check if the discount*** is applied to the order Total amount.

(***) Some promotional codes have expiry date. After you enter the promotional code, make sure it is valid before placing the order.


You can see your recent orders in My Account. If you want to see all your orders, you should click on “View all” link on the top of the orders table or click on My Orders on the top menu of your account page.

View Order Details

On the Order Details page, you can view the purchase date, shipping address, shipping method and details about the item purchased. Additional details are provided such as the cost of the item, taxes and other fees.

The Order Details page also includes the contact information of the buyer and a button for printing the order.


Amy Gattas knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.


If you have a new email address or wish to change your password, you can update this from the Account Information in My Account. If you change your email address, all subscriptions and communications preferences will automatically be associated with your new email.

If you’ve forgotten your password, go to Reset my Password.

TIP: We advise that you always chose a strong password to keep your personal information safe from any theft or misuse.